Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jodie's Song

"Jodie comes to town to be near her Father that is in bad health. She lives at heart haven where where Kevin is the groundskeeper and also his uncle is very ill. This book in the Easter series of Hearts haven collection. Always love Marianne books and this one is no different."

What others are saying about this great book:
"Oh sweet Marianne! Jodie's song has touched my heart in so many ways. This story, not only with tragic times but with glorious ones too, you captivate and beautifully write a story that we can all relate to. Jodie shows us that God is with us, He will guide us. She reminds us to never give up, trust in Him and don't bottle up your emotions for He will bring us love and an endearing life full of joy and happiness. Reader friends, you will fall in love with Jodie! A story so heartwarming!" Sharon Dean

Kingdom of Ruins

About the Book Title: Kingdom of Ruins   Author: D.C. Marino   Genre: Fantasy   Release Date: July 27, 2018 In the Lands...