Thursday, June 26, 2014

Katie's Rescue

"Katie's father passes away that she had not seen for years and she sells his zoo to a animal park in Arizona. Luke Rittenhouse calls to come help with a sick panther and he thinks she is the only one that save it. In fact, he gives her no choice but to come. After getting she faints twice since been so long since she had been around the wild animals. While there they find a baby bear that had been hurt, she agreed to help with the bear and the panther. Also Katie had been taking care of her little sister since she was eighteen. The animal park is in danger of closing down. Katie helps think of ways to save to keep it open. She had left Janie her sister behind to go to school but Janie decided she no longer wants to go to school and joins Katie at the animal park. This is a very good book, loved it and it touch my heart because of the love of the animals in it."
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Scorpion Ridge, Arizona Book 1
"Katie Vincent has left her childhood behind, good riddance. After her father chose his performing animals over his daughters, after what happened to her sister Janie and after the nightmare of being sent to their aunt's home...she wanted nothing to do with the past. And then the phone call comes in, the man who bought her father's animals after his death wants her to come help with the panther. She has no choice but to go back and face her past.Luke Rittenhouse needs to make a go of the animal park, he promised his sister. He bought out Bob Vincent's trained animals in hopes of making more money, only now the main performer seems to be in a depression and dying. The old fellow who came with the Vincent animals claims Katie can help the big cat. Luke thinks that man might have been very wrong.What an excellent story. If you are an animal lover you will enjoy the animals antics and the people who love and care for them. Things don't always turn out perfect for the humans or animals...that's real life. I enjoy the authors books as they often take place in Arizona and I can connect with some areas that are mentioned. This is the beginning of a series with the unique group of people who work At Bridget's AZ Animal Adventure, where everyone deserves a chance. Book two will be out in May and is titled What Janie Saw."  by Jutzie

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wait for Morning: Easter Lilies

"Ben is a single Father, having a hard time trying to made ends meet. He has to go pick up his daughter at school and the school nurse , Lil, is a person from his past. He is offered a job working for a landscaping business and the job is working at the school. A accident happens and he has to take it easy so Lil helps him out. Loved the kids in the book and all the characters. Julia has a way making the characters so real. Loved this book."
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"This is a very easy story to read from start to finish. Once you start you will not put it down." by Louis

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Drewry's Bluff

"Drewry parents are killed in a carriage in 1854, per the"will" her uncle inherited everything including taking care of her. Years later after she is grown her uncle tries to marry her off to save the estate. She leaves in the middle of the night to get away. While on the train she meets Suzie that was hired by a agency to be a nanny but Suzie meets Duke and they decide to get married so she is no longer going to be nanny to the family so Drewry decides to be their nanny but doesn't tell them she wasn't the one that was actually sent to them. The truth comes out in the end for more then one person. Loved this book from the first page. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series."

Did not see any other reviews to post with mine but this book definitely needs more reviews, a great book.  

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jodie's Song

"Jodie comes to town to be near her Father that is in bad health. She lives at heart haven where where Kevin is the groundskeeper and also his uncle is very ill. This book in the Easter series of Hearts haven collection. Always love Marianne books and this one is no different."

What others are saying about this great book:
"Oh sweet Marianne! Jodie's song has touched my heart in so many ways. This story, not only with tragic times but with glorious ones too, you captivate and beautifully write a story that we can all relate to. Jodie shows us that God is with us, He will guide us. She reminds us to never give up, trust in Him and don't bottle up your emotions for He will bring us love and an endearing life full of joy and happiness. Reader friends, you will fall in love with Jodie! A story so heartwarming!" Sharon Dean

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Buried Treasures

Caroline moves to the house that was left to her by her Aunt after her husband is killed, she has a daughter name Callie. When she arrives there Matt, her neighbor, is there doing repairs and getting it ready for her. She is startled by him being there but then later becomes friends. She finds out later that Matt is also a widow. Matt nephew Paul is staying with him. He is fifteen and his mother is in rehab for drinking problem. Paul likes staying with his uncle since he teaches him things. Matt gets hurt and then Caroline gets scare of falling in love with him. She don't want to see him anymore. A very good book, I know my review is not giving it justice. I really love the story and you need to read it to find out why it is called buried treasures.

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"From the beginning of the story, Ms. Manners has done it again. She pulled me right into the heart of her characters. The heartache, fear, and anxiety - the courage that Caroline shows as she faces the unknown echoes in the thunder around her. And the true moral fiber of Matt rings out in his determination to keep a promise he made - even though he made it to someone who has passed into the next life.The beauty of God's creation is all around them, gloriously displayed in Ms. Manners words. Every scene is so full, it's as if you're there. And as hard as Caroline and Matt try to hold themselves back, to keep their emotions at bay, God's guiding hand continues to lead them toward each other. This story is full of heartbreaking and heart stopping moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don't miss it." - Donna M. Basinow 

"From first to last this amazing story grips the reader and pulls them in. Widow and single mum Caroline inherits her aunts house in the country. Fleeing the memories of her husbands brutal murder, she very nearly brains her neighbor, Matt, as soon as she arrives. Matt, a widower, is also a surrogate single parent,bringing up his nephew Paul. Both bruised by the past, they have to learn to move on. This book is unputdownable as it's ;characters leap from the pages. Ms Manners conveys a rich depth of emotion on each page, going from laughter to tears to heart stopping moments almost effortlessly. Throughout the story, God's love is evident, as is His guiding hand on every situation. Not so much as each cloud having a silver lining, but finding the treasures that the clouds can bury, this story is a treasure in itself." _ Clare Revell 

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North Country Hero ( Northern Lights)

Sara comes to the town of Churchill to be the cook at lives under construction, a place for troubled boys. Kyle comes home to Churchill to take care of his father's place that just passed away, actually he was coming anyway from the service after being hurt but before he got home his father passes away. Kyle helps out at the lives under construction. Kyle blames everything on God but Sara tries to convince him that things that happened in his life was not Gods doing. Sara grew up in foster homes and had a hard time at the last one. She tries to find her family. Kyle gets help thru the preacher there and after things happen to Sara she begins to blame God and then he helps her. This is the first book in the "Northern Lights" series , a very good book to start the series. A book about relationships with others and with God. Looking forward to reading the next book.

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"I really enjoyed this book and there are very few with military involvement that I will give 5 stars for, because they are too exaggerated or incorrect. The story of the military vet and lost girl is heart-wreching but beautiful. There were times when Kyle frustrated me, but he redeemed himself in the end. I just wanted to reach through the pages and give Sara a hug for everything she's had to go through. A previous review stated the faith portion was a bit heavy at times, and it was but not preachy to the point of turning me off the story; this is a christian romance afterall. Overall I highly recommend it and think many people would enjoy it. I can't wait to read more in the series." - Amanda
"This is a nice new first installment of this new series. I fully appreciated reading about Lois Richers characters and how everything started and came to an end. The main character is strong, self-reliant, but lacking in self-confidence and that is her clip, but with the help of her new friends she is able to move forward and dream and hope for herself." - Read4GOD
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Raising Connor ( A Child to Love )

Brooke's sister and brother-n-law die in a tragic accident and leave behind a one year boy name Connor. Fifteen years before her mother had died in a robbery at a convenience store. Her brother n law leaves a DVD with Hunter Stone before leaving on their trip that states to take Connor away from Brooke if something something to them. Brooke does not like Hunter anyway, he was the policeman at the robbery when her mom was killed and she thinks he could have prevented her getting killed. Hunter helps Brooke out a lot but still decides to persuade getting custody of Connor. He doesn't say anything but her grandmother finds out and tells her. But Brooke is waiting to be approved for custody since she is closest relative. Brooke then has a accident that puts her in a coma and her application is going to be denied due to not being in touch with child services and they want to put Connor in foster care so Hunter goes ahead with the custody to prevent that. To see how the book ends, need to read the book. Very good book. 

What others are saying: 
"RAISING CONNOR is a tender story with a lot of heart. As usual, I found myself rooting for Loree's complex characters. Brooke, the heroine, must take on a new role as Mom to her nephew when her sister and brother-in-law are killed in an accident. She's capable, caring, and like most new moms, fumbles a little and loves a lot. For Connor's sake, she even forces herself to be civil to Hunter Stone--a man she strongly dislikes...for good reason. The baby is their common ground, though, and different feelings start to grow between Brooke and Hunter.With twists and turns that will keep readers turning pages, RAISING CONNOR is a must read. Highly recommend." - Joya F. Fields
"Could you spend time every day with the man you held responsible for the death of your mother? That is the predicament that Brooke finds herself in when her sister and brother-in-law die in a plane crash, leaving their son, Conner, in her care. Her brother-in-law's best friend was none other than Hunter, the very same man, she blamed for her mother's death. Hunter and Conner were extremely close, so close that Conner called him Uncle Hunter. As Brooke took over the role of mother to Conner, Hunter had proof from Conner's father that he wanted him to have custody of Conner. Due to a horrible accident leaving Brooke in a coma, would he follow through with taking Conner away from Brooke? Would Brooke learn forgiveness through self doubt? You will have to read this book to find out and believe me, you won't be disappointed! " _ Debra Insinga 

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

City Sidewalks

Christina is a widow with young twins. Her live in housekeeper is out of town and she contacted a housekeeping agency to send someone to help out. Rudy shows up and happens to be someone from her past fifteen years ago. She needs help for day and evening but he informs her he can only be there during the day since he is father and is needed at home. Rudy brother Luke helps out at the homeless shelter and one day Christina goes with him there and finds out it is the same building the company she works for trying to buy and takeover. She also see a homeless man there from her past. This book is suspenseful, about forgiveness, really touch my emotions.There is some books that I can skip some words to read it faster but wanted to embrace every word of Julia's book.

What others are saying: 
"This book is a beautifully written, heartstrings-pulling story. It's easy to get carried away in the consumerist spirit of Christmas, and forget what the true spirit is all about. Julia does an excellent job reviving the true spirit back to life. Excellent read. You won't want to put it down! -Tiffani W. 
City Sidewalks truly has all the warmth, romance, and charm of a Hallmark Holidays movie. It was easy to "see" the characters and scenes, to "hear" their voices and the music, and to "feel" their emotions, their touch - all without commercials! A great read from a talented author, City Sidewalks pulls you into the character's lives and histories, compels you to want to know more about them, to identify with them, and leaves you rooting for their happy ending. Beautifully done!" - Dagian Hill 
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

His Hometown Girl

Jodi has a son that is autistic, who is four years old, she is trying to get him into a special school. After the evaluation it is decided that he can attend the school but they have to have down payment which is ten percent which is a very high amount. They give her few days to get the money to them. She was hoping her ex would help out but finds out cannot depend on him. Her boss offers a chance that would involve a promotion but it involves going back to her hometown. Once she arrives there the person takes her to her aunts is Daniel, her boyfriend from high school. After getting back on the farm and renewing friendship with Daniel, things start to change. Daniel sister is going into the line of work helping children and begins to work with her son Tyler. Such a good inspiring book. Shows what we think is best may not be the best after all.

What others are saying:

"Is it love or war? Definitely war for Jodi and Daniel, then you throw in an autistic child in the mix and what do you have? A truly wonderful read! You have lost love, broken hearts, an ex, love, and so much more. Jodi and Daniel are not only at war with each other but with themselves and their feelings.The ONE that got away, each of us has that someone. What would we do if we got a second chance to get that one person back? Who hasn't wanted a chance to go back and redo a part in your life, have a second chance? Jodi and Daniel get this second chance, but will they take it or lose it? So many things are in their way, along with a past that they might not be able to get pass .Jodi is fighting so hard to do what is right for her child, to find money to get him the help he needs. To do this she must go home and face all that she left behind, get local farmers to sell her company their farms. She must face the man she left and her own fears, wants and desires.Daniel doesn't want to lose his hometown, he was to keep the farms going and he thinks he has away to do this. With Jodi coming home he has his own fears to fight, the girl who broke his heart and walked away without a word. Can he keep the farmers from selling and at the same time keep his heart from being broken. Can he let Jodi walk in his life and let her walk away?This book touches on so many issues of life today, along with Autism, Parkinson. How many of us look at kids that play out in public and think why doesn't that mother do something with that child? I know I am guilty. This book has given me a lesson and reminded me all things are not as they seem, to take a closer look before verdana, arial, From the beginning of this book you just want to grab mother and child, hold them and tell them it will all work out. You have a mother who is fighting to do what is best for her child. Is there anything we wouldn't do to make sure our children has the best start in life? This is so much harder for a parent with an autism child, you read the struggle she goes through and it just breaks your heart.color: white; font-family: As you read this book you will find the author is very knowledgeable, she gives you facts and makes this a very believable book. The author’s writing is smooth, it flows easy. I found this book to be an easy read and very easy to follow. I truly enjoyed reading this. I felt I was right there with the author, with each smile, laughter. I even had a few times I was almost in tears. You will not go wrong with this author. I recommend this book for a nice easy read, heart filled love story that will not only break your heart but give you a few lessons to remember in life."-Cyn.
"Once again Karen Rock has awed me with her writing style and descriptions. From the realities of autism to the plights of farmers, she tugs at readers’ hearts with her character’s raw emotions. But that doesn’t mean there’s no substance. The author obviously has knowledge in these areas, which she shares--educating and even supplying solutions.A decade after a love lost, Jodi Chapman and Daniel Gleason find themselves on opposite sides of an extremely heated battle. Hoping for a promotion at Midland Corp in Chicago, Jodi is determined to acquire 5000 acres of prime dairy land in her hometown of Cedar Bay, Vermont. Adding to the awkwardness is the fact that her former boyfriend, Daniel, desperately hopes to co-op the farms in the community so they can hold on to their heritage. Jodi fights for her son, Tyler, believing their future depends on her victory, but what about Daniel? Could this be a second chance for them. Memories play a large part in this story, with regrets and resentments springing up, not only for Jodi, but for Daniel and his family. And while she’s aware of the lives of those around her, Jodi must deal with her feelings and find a way to make a life for herself and Tyler." - Dale S Rogers 

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Rise and Shine

Shannon wakes up from being in a coma for 10 years. Dr. Daniel is there when she wakes up. A lot has changed during the 10 years, she was on her honeymoon when the accident happen. Her husband passed away during that time and everyone looks a lot older. She told her Aunt Mary " you look terrible! Are you sick" , but she had just gotten older. When Daniel gives her a Kindle she says "what's a Kindle". Some things she can remember and some things not. She does continue to remember things, also they find out they actually knew each other when they were children. This book made me laugh and cry. I got really attached to Shannon. I loved this book.

What others are saying:

"Can you imagine waking up from your honeymoon and it's years later and your husband has died? A handsome doctor and three aunts to help you along and a sister-in-law to crush you. New technology to deal with. A lack of memory that comes back a little at a time. This book will make you feel so many emotions as Shannon comes closer and closer to remembering her past and starts heading toward her new future. It's a fun read that keeps you turning the pages to see what happens next! Make sure this one is on your reading list!" - Diana 
"This book has it all: fun love story, fairy tale spin-off (Sleeping Beauty), well developed characters, and it even touches a little on the questions that come with life and faith. Sandra has done a fabulous job balancing the book to have humor, romance, and still speak to the questions that come with the trials of life. To me this book took Sandra's writing to a different level, while it included a lot of romance, I felt the book had more depth without being overwhelming. I just loved this book and I hope you will too!!!" - Loving in Pink.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Devoted to Drew

Logan was a football player but was told due to his concussions he cannot play anymore when he was twenty-five. Ten years later he meets Bianca who is a widow with a seven year old autistic son, named Drew. Logan has a sister with a autistic son also. He does commercials and one is for companion dogs which Drew has decided he needs a companion dog to help him. Also Logan is planning to build a school for autistic children and wants Bianca to work with him on it. I don't want to give away any more of the story. If I could give this book 10 stars I would, so well written, such a good book.

What others are saying:

"I love that Loree Lough's books so often raise awareness of social issues. In Devoted to Drew, her characters were realistic--and parents of children on the autism spectrum will relate to mom Bianca's attempts to single-handedly meet her son, Drew's, every need. Readers will not only enjoy the tender story, but will also come away with a better understanding of the challenges, victories, and joys of parenting a special needs child. Super book". -V. Herlocker

"This book was a great read. I really liked the characters of Drew, Bianca and Logan. Bianca was quite the independent woman out of necessity. I also liked that Bianca worked hard with Drew to help him on his way to achieving his potential. I really liked that Bianca put Drew first and foremost. I also liked that Loree made it clear several times that all children with autism are not the same!When I read the prologue, I wasn't sure where we were headed. As the characters and their relationship grew, I figured it out. The relationships between all the characters helped me understand who Logan and Bianca were and where they came from. I liked rich characters.I made sure that I had plenty of time to read this book once I started it. I knew it would be an interesting, fun, and worthwhile read. I was correct!" - Andre

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Reclaiming Home, a Green Pines Romance Price

Ella gets a call from her sister that her parents were in a car accident, her dad is hurt bad but her stepmom has minor injuries. She goes to the hospital to take care of her dad and stepmom and after her dad gets released she also helps them at home. The town Green Pines is going downhill, people moving out and business's going out. Ella is in the business of trying save towns like this /neighborhoods. She does get a lot of interest in her project to save the town and they decide to build the bed and breakfast that was a dream of her stepmom. Ella meets Tony that works for the company that the truck was involved in the accident. She has a lot already against that company from them taking over neighborhoods for new buildings. There is misunderstandings between Ella and Tony that will leave you hanging on till the end. This is my first book to read by Milou Koenings but won't be my last.

What others are saying: 

I read a lot of books but this was an emotional and "real" read from the beginning. I thought it was going to be the same old thing but it is far from it. The description of the characters and places was so on spot, so excellent, you were part of the story from the start. I couldn't stop reading this book and would sneak read at work. To me, that is the sign of an excellent book.Tony and Ella are very different from each other and what their jobs are, but their attraction is there from the beginning. It comes on slowly and it all works it's way through. I can't say how wonderful this book is and I am looking forward to reading more from this author.white; font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica, This is a book that I will read again and again." - Amazon Customer
"Reclaiming Home is such a good read. The two main characters are Ella and Tony. Ella left home to have a better life and help those less fortunate when she was called that her dad had been in an accident. She went home to find out that Tony paid for all of her dads medical expenses as it was his supplies that caused the accident. She met him when he was also at the hospital visiting his brother who was also in the hospital and Ella befriended. They had an instant attraction but then found out Tony's company was the one that Ella was fighting in order to help others. One thing after another puts angst between them both. Wil they be able to overcome their differences and she return home? Read this book to find out. Each page makes you want to keep reading more. It does not dissappoint." -Melinda Garza

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Amish Boyfriend

 Shannon thinks she is going to get a job during her summer break but finds out different after getting home from the last day of school. Her neighbor that helps take care of her mom that is sick due to a decease that makes her dizzy a lot tells her it has been arranged for her and her mom to go stay with her mom's family in Hochstetler to help care for her mom. She finds out that it is Amish country. She finds there is a lot of adjustments to make in living with the Amish. Shannon and her mother stay with her grandparents but after a few days Shannon goes to live with her uncle's family for she can have more room. The required her to dress like the Amish. She meets Ezra and they immediate like each other, unfortunately things don't work for them. Her mother gets worse, she take her to a dr there and finds out what is wrong with her. I love the way Shannon takes care of her mother.
"Melody Carlson has done it again! I can't say enough about this deft handling of the whole "Amish fiction thing". Carlson brings it! This is one of those YA/teen reads that is thoroughly satisfying for the adult reader as well. Jump right into caring about Shannon and her mother (whose mysterious ailment adds tension and conflict in surprising ways) who journey back to mom's Amish roots when they need care only a family can give.In no way idolizing the Amish, Carlson paints a fair portrait of a slice of Amish culture, practices, and problems. I won't tell too much, because I don't want to spoil your fun." - Susan Karsten
"I related to Shannon in this book in a way. I was the primary caretaker of my mom before she passed away of cancer in 2006. I had to do everything for her, even when we decided for her to go into the nursing home. I was still there 8 hours or better a day with her. I was younger, not as young as Shannon, but the feelings of being stuck. I certainly can relate. The author, Melody Carlson, really engages the reader. The writing is easy to read, it flows from chapter to chapter. Shannon learns some life lessons, falls in love with an Amish boy, and learns to interact with grandparents she did not know she had, let alone know that they were Amish. I love the book. I give this book 5/5 stars!" - Ginger

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Wishing on Buttercups

Wishing on buttercups is the second in a series, continued from Blowing on Dandelions.Beth is a illustrator and Jeffery is a writer, she is doing it under a different name that will help her family find her, but got a contract for it but he is having problems with getting one. He gets a offer with a magazine but they want drawings to go along with the story. They find out the magazine decided to put their work together. Beth was burned as a child and has scars, keeps them covered up but still sensitive about them. When she was a child the other children made fun of her. Her aunt that she is with at the boardinghouse took her in as a child. She doesn't know what happen to her real parents. A man from her past comes into town to take to take advantage of her finances. She finds outs later that her family is looking for her. This book made me laugh in spots and really helped out after a stressful day at work.

See what other are saying:

"I first discovered Miralee Ferrell when I read "Blowing on Dandelions", the first book in the Love Blossoms in Oregon series. Wishing On Buttercups is the second book. I love the characters in this series and really enjoyed getting to know Beth and Jeffrey and how their pasts correlated with their present and future. Miralee is an excellent author and I love how she brings her books to life. I highly recommend this book and the series."- Judy Cook

"Wishing on Buttercups is the second book in Miralee Ferrell’s Love Blossoms in Oregon series. This captivating story imparts a wonderful message. “God looks at the heart, not the outward appearance.Having read Blowing on Dandelions, I was eager to continue this series! I loved returning to Baker City, Oregon, and delving deeper into the lives of Beth Roberts and Jeffery Tucker. Both of these characters harbored secrets from their pasts and unanswered questions plagued them. This intriguing storyline, coupled with complex characters, kept me turning the pages and wanting to know more. I also enjoyed catching up with the other colorful characters who were introduced in Blowing on Dandelions. It was a pleasure to revisit the boardinghouse, which continued to bustle with the activities of its residents.Miralee has penned a story that is full of heart and emotion; one that will draw you in and surround you with comforting hope. I highly recommend Wishing on Buttercups and eagerly await the release of Book 3, Dreaming on Daisies!" - Britney Adams
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Cowboy's Touch

Abigail goes to visit with aunt for a few months to take a break from work and to watch over her aunt. She gets to be friends with Maddy, a young girl who is the daughter of Wade that is a widower. He discovers he needs a nanny for the summer after the one that was going to do it is not able to. Maddy suggest Abigail to stay with her, which she does. Abigail is a writer for her mother's magazine, she discover a story there that could help out the magazine, actually save the magazine. This causes some issues but work out in the end. Always a good book by Denise Hunter.

What other are saying about this book:

"This was such a wonderful book, I loved traveling to the charming town of Moose Creek with Abigail, Wade, sweet Maddie, and colorful Aunt Lucy and her dolls. Such a wonderful love story, and also Christian- I felt like this book brought me closer to God. Loved it- just what I needed. Thanks Denise, I am on to The Trouble With Cowboys now, and almost halfway through. Also just ordered The Accidental Bride. I love how the characters grow on you throughout the stories. Like in The Trouble With Cowboys, I have come to love stubborn Annie, she is so strong in caring for Sierra and Ryder and has such a passion for horses, and already loved Dylan from A Cowboy's Touch. I really hope there are more in this series -A Big Sky Romance. Now if only Moose Creek were real... along with either a Wade or a Dylan cowboy to go along with it!"- Ashley

I eagerly awaited this new genre from Denise Hunter, as my favorite romance is that which involves cowboys. Denise did not disappoint as this was a very, very good book. Some reviewers may say it is predictable, but what romance novel isn't? I really enjoyed it and the ending was great - not as predictable as you would expect. It had romance, as well as life lessons learned through Abigail's and Wade's choices in life and how they handled decisions they made. Aunt Lucy was an interesting supporting character, as well. I read the book in no time at all and now am back to waiting for Denise's next cowboy romance, "The Accidental Bride," featuring Shay from this book."-Debbie

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ellie's Haven River of Hope Series

Ellie'e Haven ( River of Hope)

 This is a second in the series, it does help to read the first one before this one but don't have to. Ellie goes to Indiana to live with her aunt to get away from her stepfather in Tennessee. After she get there she finds out her aunt passed away about a year ago. She knows something her stepdad did and he is trying to find her. Gage puts a advertisement up in the restaurant for a wife since hiring housekeepers is not working for his 4 young children. He is a widow. Ellie applies to be his wife but she is only nineteen and he is in his thirties.They end up getting married since he needs someone to care for his children.To find out how this ends, you'll need to read the book. A very good book.

What others are saying about this book:
"I own all Sharlene MacLaren's books and will continue to buy them and keep them in my collection. This is the second offering in her River of Hope series and tells the story of Ellie Booth, who leaves her broken down home in the hills of Tennessee after witnessing something horrible. Alone at 19, with practically nothing to her name, she steps off the train in Wabash, Indiana with nowhere to live.that it will work but desperately needing something. She never realizes she will find love, but danger will also come knocking on her door and along the way, Christ also knocks at her door.x-Sharlene MacLaren has a unique knack for drawing her readers into the story, making her characters as real as their own family. She writes with feeling,depth and great spirituality.You will never go wrong with her books." - Susan Snodgrass

"I loved this book! It is Book 2 in the River of Hope series and it is just as good as book 1. I love the way Sharlene MacLaren writes. She weaves a beautiful, believable story with faith, romance and yes even fear at times but God is in control and He will make a way. Eleanor, Ellie for short, Booth is desperate. She has witnessed a crime committed by her stepfather and her mother sends her away for safety. Unfortunately, the Aunt she is sent to has passed away so Ellie answers an ad placed by widower Gage Cooper for a "wife". What he is really looking for is a permanent housekeeper and caregiver for his 4 children, not anything romantic. God, however has other plans for Gage and Ellie. How those plans work out makes this a wonderful story that kept me reading far into the night. You will love the characters in this book and Tommy Lee will steal your Thank you Ms. MacLaren for a great book! I am looking forward to Book 3! If you haven't read any of this series yet, please do. You will be glad you did!" - Lynne Young

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The Rancher's Twin Troubles


            The Rancher's Twin Troubles

Josie is a teacher and Dallas has twin girls that is in her class that like to cause trouble but he doesn't believe they do the things she said they do. Being young twin girls they like to cause trouble but don't really realize they are. Of course through the girls that end up falling in love. I really enjoyed this book.

See what another person said about this book:

"Twice the fun twice the trouble! Dallas Buckhorn refuses to believe it. His daughter teacher insists his daughters are causing trouble in school. Josie Griffin the girls teacher knos the girls aren't bad they're just spoiled by their by their overindulgent cowboy daddy. The twins are out of control in her classs."- Harleygirl
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Deadly Secret

                                                      A Deadly Secret, a Tale from the Ohio Valley.

A very exciting book , a mystery that involves several murders and missing drugs at the hospital cancer unit. The book starts out when the morphine bottles goes missing. Like most mysteries you have to wait to see who did it at the end, however , it was one I suspected throughout the book. I think this book would make a good movie. Also loved learning about the German Baptist church. I did want to cry when one of the characters died in it. Had a hard putting the book down., kept getting better and better.

What others are saying about it:

"Awesome author. Kept me guessing through the book. Couldn't stop reading once I picked it up. Would recommend it to others." - Pam Newman
"Deadly Secret was a captivating story full of suspense and intrigue that made me want to keep reading until the very end. It was difficult to put it down! But, most of all, I love reading stories that take place in the German Baptist culture, the way I was raised. Sharon has a wonderful gift of weaving the lives and personality of the characters in such a way that I can relate so closely with them. They are so real, and could be a part of my family. In fact, I am so wrapped up in their lives and really want to hear what happens next. I hope their stories will continue in a future book!" - Ruby M Hudson

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Blowing on Dandelions

                                                        Blowing on Dandelions 

Always love a good historical. This is definitely a good one. Katherine is a widow and runs a boarding house, her sister that was taking of her mother recently passed away and now her mother is going to stay with her. Katherine's mother is always picking on everything she does and makes her feel insecure.Micah Jacobs is also a widow with a son. Katherine has two daughters and the oldest, Lucy, becomes friends with Micah son.There is a fire at the livery where Micah and his son lives, when the fire happens they lose everything, Katherine invites them to stay at the boardinghouse. Then Mrs. Roberts and her niece,Beth, comes to town and stays at the boardinghouse. Katherine has "fun" trying to get everyone to get along. A very good book and well worth reading.

 A couple of reviews by others:
"I never considered myself to be a historical romance reader, but the more I read them, the more attracted I am to the genre. Miralee Ferrell's Blowing on Dandelions drew me into the story immediately. I loved the main character, Katherine, and appreciated her sadness and struggles. I loved all the points of view in this story--especially the kids'. Other than in kids' books I'd never seen it. How delightful to know Lucy's and Zachary's thoughts and feelings when it came to her mom and his dad. The other thing I most appreciated in this story was how one rather unlikable person came through to do some wonderful, helpful things. I would definitely recommend this book--especially to anyone who would love a little trip to 1880 Eastern Oregon! "- Cheryl

I have read all of Miralee's Historical books & just finished reading Blowing on Dandelions. I was blown away. I admire her for taking on a story about Mother/Daughter conflicts & how they worked through them with the help of other loved ones & friends. It is a compassionate story that many of us have dealt with or will have to deal with sometime in our lives. Not every Mother/Daughter are best friends & this story tells how that can feel to each of them. I am so honored to have read this & can't wait for the next book in the series. She always covers all aspects of the emotions & feelings in her characters"-Shelske
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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shoreline Drive A Sanctuary Island Novel

                                                    Shoreline Drive by Lily Everett 

 Loved this book from the beginning. I just wished I had read the first one in the series before reading this one but a book that is one you can read by itself without having read the first one.Ben is a veterinarian who is called to deliver Merry baby because of the bad weather a regular doctor cannot get there and she does not have time to get to a hospital. After he delivers her baby he decides he wants them to be his finally someday.A few months later he asked her to marry, but they decides it will be a marriage convenience. But ends up being more. The book gets really exciting at the end when her baby father comes back, really feel bad for Ben since he loves them so much. This is a very good book and definitely recommend it. This was my first book by Lily Everett and will read more by her.

A couple of reviews by others: 

"After reading Shoreline Drive I will buy any book that Lily Everett publishes. Her writing style is fantastic, her characters are well developed, and the storyline flows seamlessly. The story contains Ben, very alpha male, and Merry, a single mom that wants for her child what she never had. I think I fell in love with Ben from the very first chapter. He is gruff and says what he thinks, but when you read from his point of view, you just melt. He has a hard exterior and a very soft, romantic heart. Merry is tough, sensible, and perfect for Ben. Their story is realistic, not insta-love, and not always easy. The angst is light, but the love is real. A very sweet romance where the steamy scenes start, but are finished behind closed doors. Grab this book, find a comfortable spot, and enjoy the world of Shoreline Drive!"- Angie Hulsman

" Such an amazingly good read. Back to Sanctuary Island and the Preston sisters. Can grouchy vet Ben Fairfax win Merry Preston's heart? In this wonderful tale we get to know the characters and the Islanders in a heartwarming and real way. You definitely don't want to miss out ton this book. I recommend this for everyone!"-Bette Hansen

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Merry Humbug Christmas Two tales of a Holiday Romance

                                              Merry Humbug Christmas by Sandra Bricker

Really enjoyed this book. Joss and Reese always went somewhere for Christmas to get away from the celebrations of Christmas but this year when Joss booked a Bah Humbug cruise Reese could not go due to getting engaged and going to meet his family ( which that is what the novel is about ). Joss went on the cruise by herself and then found it was cancel but she was put on a cruise called 12 days of Christmas fun cruise. She then meets her soulmate on the cruise. Reese and future husband go meet his family and to start out with went driving there it was snowing a lot and they was on a road that did not much traffic and no houses around, a deer ran in front of them, they ended up in a ditch and had to walk almost two miles to his place, everything went downhill from there for Reese. I could see this book as a movie on the hallmark channel.

Here is what some others thought about the book:
"While I usually do not like to even think about Christmas before Halloween, I could not pass up the opportunity to read Merry Humbug Christmas. Sandra Bricker gives us not one but two holiday tales to start off the holiday season. In her laugh out loud fashion Sandra shows us how romance and the power of Christmas will not be denied. Two friends Joss and Reese who usually spend Christmas together to avoid all of the classic Christmas festivities end up spending the holiday apart. Joss in her quest to avoid caroling and decked halls finds herself right in the middle of her own candy cane flavored nightmare. Thank goodness for the Irishman in the Christmas sweater. Reese is excited about spending the holiday with her fiancé and meeting his family. A run in with a deer starts things off on a bad note, but not all is lost, traditions and a birthday cake make help wrap up this heartwarming tale"- Melissa Dennis.

" Funny, witty and absolutely charming. The only disappointing part for me was turning the last page and not having any more to read. How could Joss non-Christmas event get anymore Christmassy then finding her bah humbug cruise had been canceled and she found herself on the twelve days of Christmas boat instead. Then in the second book Reese meets his family for the holidays and boy what she can't get herself into. I couldn't go to sleep until the last page was turned. I would recommend this book to all"- Donna

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Raw Edges: A Quilt of Love Review

Raw Edges: A Quilt of Love
by Sandra Bricker

A year after his wife Jenna passes away from ovarian cancer, Gray and his daughter is invited to the ovacome support group and gets involved in helping with the quilting project. They meet Annabelle there,She, Gray and Sadie get to know each other and fall in love. At the end of each chapter is a page from a journal written to Sadie from her Mommy that passed away from ovarian cancer. After the journal for that day a bible verse is written that goes so well with that part in the journal. I learned a lot from this book besides about quilting, one of the most interesting to me was about the African black footed penguins. This is a book that I would love to read again and was not ready for it to end. A very well written book.

Here is another couple of reviews from others based on this wonderful book:

"Raw Edges was a wonderful book. It is the story of three different people who are affected by ovarian cancer that are brought together by a quilt. Grayson lost his wife, Jenna, to ovarian cancer. They had a young daughter, Sadie. Annabelle overcame ovarian cancer and she is heading up the quilt project. When Sadie drags Gray to Overcome, an ovarian support group, meeting, they meet Annabelle and Sadie wants to help with the quilt. As Gray and Sadie spend more time with Annabelle, they open their hearts to her. This is a fast read that leaves you feeling good and gives you hope after you finish it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Gray and Annabelle's story. Sadie was also such a sweet little girl, I fell in love with her. I highly recommend this book, especially if you have suffered in any way from ovarian cancer or any type of cancer. But this book is great even if your life has never been touched by cancer. It is very insightful and gives a whole new perspective on the issue. Great job Sandie." - Melina Mason
"I immediately fell in love with this book in the Prologue. The way the characters are developed makes you feel that you are right there with them in the story, and you feel every emotion that they feel. "Raw Edges" documents the making of a memory quilt for a Tampa, Florida Ovarian Cancer Support group called Ovacome. They are making the quilt to raise funds and awareness for this silent and deadly disease. Facts and statistics to help raise awareness are interwoven in this story. The quilting aspect is spot on too. Even if you are not into quilting, or have no desire to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer, this book is a great love story... of a young widower, who is faced with the decision to move on shortly after his wife's death. It is a story of blending families. A story of faith. I would definitely recommend this book!" - C. Dunn

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If the Shoe Fits: A Contemporary Fairy Tale Review

  If the Shoe Fits: A Contemporary Fairy Tale by Sandra D. Bricker

 I love Sandra Bricker books, this one is very good. Julianne is in traffic going to a court case, a dog almost gets hit and a guy in a truck stops to get the dog but leaves his toolbox and a boot in the middle of the road and Julianne stops to pick them up. She is a lawyer and going in business with her best friend Will who is in love with her. She finds the guy from the truck name Paul and thinks he is her Prince Charming but finds out different. A very exciting and interesting book.

Want to know what other people think about this wonderful book?:
"Each of Sandra Bricker's romance books that I have read have a couple things in common, humor and a Christian basis. As far as I am concerned, IF THE SHOE FITS does not disappoint on either point. There is not so much 'religion' as to be preachy and the humor seems to flow effortlessly. The book is a modern day fairy tale based on the classic story of Cinderella searching for her Prince Charming. This story takes a winding path to reach the happily ever after most girls are looking for. There, of course, is an antagonist for Julianne, the young lawyer at the center of the story. All the characters are well developed and you feel they are neighbors you have known and who live in your neighborhood. Mostly I laughed through the book. But one thing did bring tears to my eyes. Julianne and her mom had a great relationship, easy interaction and lots of love. I found myself really missing my mom who passed away a few years ago. How is that for reality in a book? Good job, Sandie. Another really fun read from you." - Sherlee
"I was very refreshed to read If The Shoe Fits by Sandra Bricker. This modern day romance novel gave several nods to a fairy tale that has been loved for so many years: Cinderella. This book didn't quite follow the exact all is happy, sudden demise, and then happily ever after as so many romances do. It followed much closer to Cinderella: happiness, lots of pain and trouble, and then after the ball, more trouble and finally a happy ending. I found myself reading as fast as possible, needing to know exactly how the book reached the perfect ending. I fell in love with so many of the characters and I liked that there was were happy endings for many of the characters, not just the main characters. This was definitely a wonderful rendition of happily ever after!" - Mrs Lopez
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Kingdom of Ruins

About the Book Title: Kingdom of Ruins   Author: D.C. Marino   Genre: Fantasy   Release Date: July 27, 2018 In the Lands...