Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shoreline Drive A Sanctuary Island Novel

                                                    Shoreline Drive by Lily Everett 

 Loved this book from the beginning. I just wished I had read the first one in the series before reading this one but a book that is one you can read by itself without having read the first one.Ben is a veterinarian who is called to deliver Merry baby because of the bad weather a regular doctor cannot get there and she does not have time to get to a hospital. After he delivers her baby he decides he wants them to be his finally someday.A few months later he asked her to marry, but they decides it will be a marriage convenience. But ends up being more. The book gets really exciting at the end when her baby father comes back, really feel bad for Ben since he loves them so much. This is a very good book and definitely recommend it. This was my first book by Lily Everett and will read more by her.

A couple of reviews by others: 

"After reading Shoreline Drive I will buy any book that Lily Everett publishes. Her writing style is fantastic, her characters are well developed, and the storyline flows seamlessly. The story contains Ben, very alpha male, and Merry, a single mom that wants for her child what she never had. I think I fell in love with Ben from the very first chapter. He is gruff and says what he thinks, but when you read from his point of view, you just melt. He has a hard exterior and a very soft, romantic heart. Merry is tough, sensible, and perfect for Ben. Their story is realistic, not insta-love, and not always easy. The angst is light, but the love is real. A very sweet romance where the steamy scenes start, but are finished behind closed doors. Grab this book, find a comfortable spot, and enjoy the world of Shoreline Drive!"- Angie Hulsman

" Such an amazingly good read. Back to Sanctuary Island and the Preston sisters. Can grouchy vet Ben Fairfax win Merry Preston's heart? In this wonderful tale we get to know the characters and the Islanders in a heartwarming and real way. You definitely don't want to miss out ton this book. I recommend this for everyone!"-Bette Hansen

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