Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ellie's Haven River of Hope Series

Ellie'e Haven ( River of Hope)

 This is a second in the series, it does help to read the first one before this one but don't have to. Ellie goes to Indiana to live with her aunt to get away from her stepfather in Tennessee. After she get there she finds out her aunt passed away about a year ago. She knows something her stepdad did and he is trying to find her. Gage puts a advertisement up in the restaurant for a wife since hiring housekeepers is not working for his 4 young children. He is a widow. Ellie applies to be his wife but she is only nineteen and he is in his thirties.They end up getting married since he needs someone to care for his children.To find out how this ends, you'll need to read the book. A very good book.

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"I own all Sharlene MacLaren's books and will continue to buy them and keep them in my collection. This is the second offering in her River of Hope series and tells the story of Ellie Booth, who leaves her broken down home in the hills of Tennessee after witnessing something horrible. Alone at 19, with practically nothing to her name, she steps off the train in Wabash, Indiana with nowhere to live.that it will work but desperately needing something. She never realizes she will find love, but danger will also come knocking on her door and along the way, Christ also knocks at her door.x-Sharlene MacLaren has a unique knack for drawing her readers into the story, making her characters as real as their own family. She writes with feeling,depth and great spirituality.You will never go wrong with her books." - Susan Snodgrass

"I loved this book! It is Book 2 in the River of Hope series and it is just as good as book 1. I love the way Sharlene MacLaren writes. She weaves a beautiful, believable story with faith, romance and yes even fear at times but God is in control and He will make a way. Eleanor, Ellie for short, Booth is desperate. She has witnessed a crime committed by her stepfather and her mother sends her away for safety. Unfortunately, the Aunt she is sent to has passed away so Ellie answers an ad placed by widower Gage Cooper for a "wife". What he is really looking for is a permanent housekeeper and caregiver for his 4 children, not anything romantic. God, however has other plans for Gage and Ellie. How those plans work out makes this a wonderful story that kept me reading far into the night. You will love the characters in this book and Tommy Lee will steal your heart.family: Thank you Ms. MacLaren for a great book! I am looking forward to Book 3! If you haven't read any of this series yet, please do. You will be glad you did!" - Lynne Young

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