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Raw Edges: A Quilt of Love Review

Raw Edges: A Quilt of Love
by Sandra Bricker

A year after his wife Jenna passes away from ovarian cancer, Gray and his daughter is invited to the ovacome support group and gets involved in helping with the quilting project. They meet Annabelle there,She, Gray and Sadie get to know each other and fall in love. At the end of each chapter is a page from a journal written to Sadie from her Mommy that passed away from ovarian cancer. After the journal for that day a bible verse is written that goes so well with that part in the journal. I learned a lot from this book besides about quilting, one of the most interesting to me was about the African black footed penguins. This is a book that I would love to read again and was not ready for it to end. A very well written book.

Here is another couple of reviews from others based on this wonderful book:

"Raw Edges was a wonderful book. It is the story of three different people who are affected by ovarian cancer that are brought together by a quilt. Grayson lost his wife, Jenna, to ovarian cancer. They had a young daughter, Sadie. Annabelle overcame ovarian cancer and she is heading up the quilt project. When Sadie drags Gray to Overcome, an ovarian support group, meeting, they meet Annabelle and Sadie wants to help with the quilt. As Gray and Sadie spend more time with Annabelle, they open their hearts to her. This is a fast read that leaves you feeling good and gives you hope after you finish it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Gray and Annabelle's story. Sadie was also such a sweet little girl, I fell in love with her. I highly recommend this book, especially if you have suffered in any way from ovarian cancer or any type of cancer. But this book is great even if your life has never been touched by cancer. It is very insightful and gives a whole new perspective on the issue. Great job Sandie." - Melina Mason
"I immediately fell in love with this book in the Prologue. The way the characters are developed makes you feel that you are right there with them in the story, and you feel every emotion that they feel. "Raw Edges" documents the making of a memory quilt for a Tampa, Florida Ovarian Cancer Support group called Ovacome. They are making the quilt to raise funds and awareness for this silent and deadly disease. Facts and statistics to help raise awareness are interwoven in this story. The quilting aspect is spot on too. Even if you are not into quilting, or have no desire to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer, this book is a great love story... of a young widower, who is faced with the decision to move on shortly after his wife's death. It is a story of blending families. A story of faith. I would definitely recommend this book!" - C. Dunn

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