Saturday, February 8, 2014

If the Shoe Fits: A Contemporary Fairy Tale Review

  If the Shoe Fits: A Contemporary Fairy Tale by Sandra D. Bricker

 I love Sandra Bricker books, this one is very good. Julianne is in traffic going to a court case, a dog almost gets hit and a guy in a truck stops to get the dog but leaves his toolbox and a boot in the middle of the road and Julianne stops to pick them up. She is a lawyer and going in business with her best friend Will who is in love with her. She finds the guy from the truck name Paul and thinks he is her Prince Charming but finds out different. A very exciting and interesting book.

Want to know what other people think about this wonderful book?:
"Each of Sandra Bricker's romance books that I have read have a couple things in common, humor and a Christian basis. As far as I am concerned, IF THE SHOE FITS does not disappoint on either point. There is not so much 'religion' as to be preachy and the humor seems to flow effortlessly. The book is a modern day fairy tale based on the classic story of Cinderella searching for her Prince Charming. This story takes a winding path to reach the happily ever after most girls are looking for. There, of course, is an antagonist for Julianne, the young lawyer at the center of the story. All the characters are well developed and you feel they are neighbors you have known and who live in your neighborhood. Mostly I laughed through the book. But one thing did bring tears to my eyes. Julianne and her mom had a great relationship, easy interaction and lots of love. I found myself really missing my mom who passed away a few years ago. How is that for reality in a book? Good job, Sandie. Another really fun read from you." - Sherlee
"I was very refreshed to read If The Shoe Fits by Sandra Bricker. This modern day romance novel gave several nods to a fairy tale that has been loved for so many years: Cinderella. This book didn't quite follow the exact all is happy, sudden demise, and then happily ever after as so many romances do. It followed much closer to Cinderella: happiness, lots of pain and trouble, and then after the ball, more trouble and finally a happy ending. I found myself reading as fast as possible, needing to know exactly how the book reached the perfect ending. I fell in love with so many of the characters and I liked that there was were happy endings for many of the characters, not just the main characters. This was definitely a wonderful rendition of happily ever after!" - Mrs Lopez
This is the first book of the series, Second book will come out May 1st of this year. Hope you enjoyed my first post and review! Please comment below to post your questions and own reviews!

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