Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blowing on Dandelions

                                                        Blowing on Dandelions 

Always love a good historical. This is definitely a good one. Katherine is a widow and runs a boarding house, her sister that was taking of her mother recently passed away and now her mother is going to stay with her. Katherine's mother is always picking on everything she does and makes her feel insecure.Micah Jacobs is also a widow with a son. Katherine has two daughters and the oldest, Lucy, becomes friends with Micah son.There is a fire at the livery where Micah and his son lives, when the fire happens they lose everything, Katherine invites them to stay at the boardinghouse. Then Mrs. Roberts and her niece,Beth, comes to town and stays at the boardinghouse. Katherine has "fun" trying to get everyone to get along. A very good book and well worth reading.

 A couple of reviews by others:
"I never considered myself to be a historical romance reader, but the more I read them, the more attracted I am to the genre. Miralee Ferrell's Blowing on Dandelions drew me into the story immediately. I loved the main character, Katherine, and appreciated her sadness and struggles. I loved all the points of view in this story--especially the kids'. Other than in kids' books I'd never seen it. How delightful to know Lucy's and Zachary's thoughts and feelings when it came to her mom and his dad. The other thing I most appreciated in this story was how one rather unlikable person came through to do some wonderful, helpful things. I would definitely recommend this book--especially to anyone who would love a little trip to 1880 Eastern Oregon! "- Cheryl

I have read all of Miralee's Historical books & just finished reading Blowing on Dandelions. I was blown away. I admire her for taking on a story about Mother/Daughter conflicts & how they worked through them with the help of other loved ones & friends. It is a compassionate story that many of us have dealt with or will have to deal with sometime in our lives. Not every Mother/Daughter are best friends & this story tells how that can feel to each of them. I am so honored to have read this & can't wait for the next book in the series. She always covers all aspects of the emotions & feelings in her characters"-Shelske
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