Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Cowboy's Touch

Abigail goes to visit with aunt for a few months to take a break from work and to watch over her aunt. She gets to be friends with Maddy, a young girl who is the daughter of Wade that is a widower. He discovers he needs a nanny for the summer after the one that was going to do it is not able to. Maddy suggest Abigail to stay with her, which she does. Abigail is a writer for her mother's magazine, she discover a story there that could help out the magazine, actually save the magazine. This causes some issues but work out in the end. Always a good book by Denise Hunter.

What other are saying about this book:

"This was such a wonderful book, I loved traveling to the charming town of Moose Creek with Abigail, Wade, sweet Maddie, and colorful Aunt Lucy and her dolls. Such a wonderful love story, and also Christian- I felt like this book brought me closer to God. Loved it- just what I needed. Thanks Denise, I am on to The Trouble With Cowboys now, and almost halfway through. Also just ordered The Accidental Bride. I love how the characters grow on you throughout the stories. Like in The Trouble With Cowboys, I have come to love stubborn Annie, she is so strong in caring for Sierra and Ryder and has such a passion for horses, and already loved Dylan from A Cowboy's Touch. I really hope there are more in this series -A Big Sky Romance. Now if only Moose Creek were real... along with either a Wade or a Dylan cowboy to go along with it!"- Ashley

I eagerly awaited this new genre from Denise Hunter, as my favorite romance is that which involves cowboys. Denise did not disappoint as this was a very, very good book. Some reviewers may say it is predictable, but what romance novel isn't? I really enjoyed it and the ending was great - not as predictable as you would expect. It had romance, as well as life lessons learned through Abigail's and Wade's choices in life and how they handled decisions they made. Aunt Lucy was an interesting supporting character, as well. I read the book in no time at all and now am back to waiting for Denise's next cowboy romance, "The Accidental Bride," featuring Shay from this book."-Debbie

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