Thursday, February 27, 2014

Devoted to Drew

Logan was a football player but was told due to his concussions he cannot play anymore when he was twenty-five. Ten years later he meets Bianca who is a widow with a seven year old autistic son, named Drew. Logan has a sister with a autistic son also. He does commercials and one is for companion dogs which Drew has decided he needs a companion dog to help him. Also Logan is planning to build a school for autistic children and wants Bianca to work with him on it. I don't want to give away any more of the story. If I could give this book 10 stars I would, so well written, such a good book.

What others are saying:

"I love that Loree Lough's books so often raise awareness of social issues. In Devoted to Drew, her characters were realistic--and parents of children on the autism spectrum will relate to mom Bianca's attempts to single-handedly meet her son, Drew's, every need. Readers will not only enjoy the tender story, but will also come away with a better understanding of the challenges, victories, and joys of parenting a special needs child. Super book". -V. Herlocker

"This book was a great read. I really liked the characters of Drew, Bianca and Logan. Bianca was quite the independent woman out of necessity. I also liked that Bianca worked hard with Drew to help him on his way to achieving his potential. I really liked that Bianca put Drew first and foremost. I also liked that Loree made it clear several times that all children with autism are not the same!When I read the prologue, I wasn't sure where we were headed. As the characters and their relationship grew, I figured it out. The relationships between all the characters helped me understand who Logan and Bianca were and where they came from. I liked rich characters.I made sure that I had plenty of time to read this book once I started it. I knew it would be an interesting, fun, and worthwhile read. I was correct!" - Andre

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  1. Devoted to Drew sounds like a great story! I think its important that readers are given an inside look at what its like to parent an autistic child.Too often, people are only spectators from across the room.

    By the way, nice blog, Janice! I'm trying to get my blog rolling as well, but somehow I lost all the comments from my first very post ): Back to the drawing board, right?


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