Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rise and Shine

Shannon wakes up from being in a coma for 10 years. Dr. Daniel is there when she wakes up. A lot has changed during the 10 years, she was on her honeymoon when the accident happen. Her husband passed away during that time and everyone looks a lot older. She told her Aunt Mary " you look terrible! Are you sick" , but she had just gotten older. When Daniel gives her a Kindle she says "what's a Kindle". Some things she can remember and some things not. She does continue to remember things, also they find out they actually knew each other when they were children. This book made me laugh and cry. I got really attached to Shannon. I loved this book.

What others are saying:

"Can you imagine waking up from your honeymoon and it's years later and your husband has died? A handsome doctor and three aunts to help you along and a sister-in-law to crush you. New technology to deal with. A lack of memory that comes back a little at a time. This book will make you feel so many emotions as Shannon comes closer and closer to remembering her past and starts heading toward her new future. It's a fun read that keeps you turning the pages to see what happens next! Make sure this one is on your reading list!" - Diana 
"This book has it all: fun love story, fairy tale spin-off (Sleeping Beauty), well developed characters, and it even touches a little on the questions that come with life and faith. Sandra has done a fabulous job balancing the book to have humor, romance, and still speak to the questions that come with the trials of life. To me this book took Sandra's writing to a different level, while it included a lot of romance, I felt the book had more depth without being overwhelming. I just loved this book and I hope you will too!!!" - Loving in Pink.

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