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His Hometown Girl

Jodi has a son that is autistic, who is four years old, she is trying to get him into a special school. After the evaluation it is decided that he can attend the school but they have to have down payment which is ten percent which is a very high amount. They give her few days to get the money to them. She was hoping her ex would help out but finds out cannot depend on him. Her boss offers a chance that would involve a promotion but it involves going back to her hometown. Once she arrives there the person takes her to her aunts is Daniel, her boyfriend from high school. After getting back on the farm and renewing friendship with Daniel, things start to change. Daniel sister is going into the line of work helping children and begins to work with her son Tyler. Such a good inspiring book. Shows what we think is best may not be the best after all.

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"Is it love or war? Definitely war for Jodi and Daniel, then you throw in an autistic child in the mix and what do you have? A truly wonderful read! You have lost love, broken hearts, an ex, love, and so much more. Jodi and Daniel are not only at war with each other but with themselves and their feelings.The ONE that got away, each of us has that someone. What would we do if we got a second chance to get that one person back? Who hasn't wanted a chance to go back and redo a part in your life, have a second chance? Jodi and Daniel get this second chance, but will they take it or lose it? So many things are in their way, along with a past that they might not be able to get pass .Jodi is fighting so hard to do what is right for her child, to find money to get him the help he needs. To do this she must go home and face all that she left behind, get local farmers to sell her company their farms. She must face the man she left and her own fears, wants and desires.Daniel doesn't want to lose his hometown, he was to keep the farms going and he thinks he has away to do this. With Jodi coming home he has his own fears to fight, the girl who broke his heart and walked away without a word. Can he keep the farmers from selling and at the same time keep his heart from being broken. Can he let Jodi walk in his life and let her walk away?This book touches on so many issues of life today, along with Autism, Parkinson. How many of us look at kids that play out in public and think why doesn't that mother do something with that child? I know I am guilty. This book has given me a lesson and reminded me all things are not as they seem, to take a closer look before verdana, arial, From the beginning of this book you just want to grab mother and child, hold them and tell them it will all work out. You have a mother who is fighting to do what is best for her child. Is there anything we wouldn't do to make sure our children has the best start in life? This is so much harder for a parent with an autism child, you read the struggle she goes through and it just breaks your heart.color: white; font-family: As you read this book you will find the author is very knowledgeable, she gives you facts and makes this a very believable book. The author’s writing is smooth, it flows easy. I found this book to be an easy read and very easy to follow. I truly enjoyed reading this. I felt I was right there with the author, with each smile, laughter. I even had a few times I was almost in tears. You will not go wrong with this author. I recommend this book for a nice easy read, heart filled love story that will not only break your heart but give you a few lessons to remember in life."-Cyn.
"Once again Karen Rock has awed me with her writing style and descriptions. From the realities of autism to the plights of farmers, she tugs at readers’ hearts with her character’s raw emotions. But that doesn’t mean there’s no substance. The author obviously has knowledge in these areas, which she shares--educating and even supplying solutions.A decade after a love lost, Jodi Chapman and Daniel Gleason find themselves on opposite sides of an extremely heated battle. Hoping for a promotion at Midland Corp in Chicago, Jodi is determined to acquire 5000 acres of prime dairy land in her hometown of Cedar Bay, Vermont. Adding to the awkwardness is the fact that her former boyfriend, Daniel, desperately hopes to co-op the farms in the community so they can hold on to their heritage. Jodi fights for her son, Tyler, believing their future depends on her victory, but what about Daniel? Could this be a second chance for them. Memories play a large part in this story, with regrets and resentments springing up, not only for Jodi, but for Daniel and his family. And while she’s aware of the lives of those around her, Jodi must deal with her feelings and find a way to make a life for herself and Tyler." - Dale S Rogers 

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