Saturday, March 15, 2014

Raising Connor ( A Child to Love )

Brooke's sister and brother-n-law die in a tragic accident and leave behind a one year boy name Connor. Fifteen years before her mother had died in a robbery at a convenience store. Her brother n law leaves a DVD with Hunter Stone before leaving on their trip that states to take Connor away from Brooke if something something to them. Brooke does not like Hunter anyway, he was the policeman at the robbery when her mom was killed and she thinks he could have prevented her getting killed. Hunter helps Brooke out a lot but still decides to persuade getting custody of Connor. He doesn't say anything but her grandmother finds out and tells her. But Brooke is waiting to be approved for custody since she is closest relative. Brooke then has a accident that puts her in a coma and her application is going to be denied due to not being in touch with child services and they want to put Connor in foster care so Hunter goes ahead with the custody to prevent that. To see how the book ends, need to read the book. Very good book. 

What others are saying: 
"RAISING CONNOR is a tender story with a lot of heart. As usual, I found myself rooting for Loree's complex characters. Brooke, the heroine, must take on a new role as Mom to her nephew when her sister and brother-in-law are killed in an accident. She's capable, caring, and like most new moms, fumbles a little and loves a lot. For Connor's sake, she even forces herself to be civil to Hunter Stone--a man she strongly dislikes...for good reason. The baby is their common ground, though, and different feelings start to grow between Brooke and Hunter.With twists and turns that will keep readers turning pages, RAISING CONNOR is a must read. Highly recommend." - Joya F. Fields
"Could you spend time every day with the man you held responsible for the death of your mother? That is the predicament that Brooke finds herself in when her sister and brother-in-law die in a plane crash, leaving their son, Conner, in her care. Her brother-in-law's best friend was none other than Hunter, the very same man, she blamed for her mother's death. Hunter and Conner were extremely close, so close that Conner called him Uncle Hunter. As Brooke took over the role of mother to Conner, Hunter had proof from Conner's father that he wanted him to have custody of Conner. Due to a horrible accident leaving Brooke in a coma, would he follow through with taking Conner away from Brooke? Would Brooke learn forgiveness through self doubt? You will have to read this book to find out and believe me, you won't be disappointed! " _ Debra Insinga 

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