Sunday, March 2, 2014

City Sidewalks

Christina is a widow with young twins. Her live in housekeeper is out of town and she contacted a housekeeping agency to send someone to help out. Rudy shows up and happens to be someone from her past fifteen years ago. She needs help for day and evening but he informs her he can only be there during the day since he is father and is needed at home. Rudy brother Luke helps out at the homeless shelter and one day Christina goes with him there and finds out it is the same building the company she works for trying to buy and takeover. She also see a homeless man there from her past. This book is suspenseful, about forgiveness, really touch my emotions.There is some books that I can skip some words to read it faster but wanted to embrace every word of Julia's book.

What others are saying: 
"This book is a beautifully written, heartstrings-pulling story. It's easy to get carried away in the consumerist spirit of Christmas, and forget what the true spirit is all about. Julia does an excellent job reviving the true spirit back to life. Excellent read. You won't want to put it down! -Tiffani W. 
City Sidewalks truly has all the warmth, romance, and charm of a Hallmark Holidays movie. It was easy to "see" the characters and scenes, to "hear" their voices and the music, and to "feel" their emotions, their touch - all without commercials! A great read from a talented author, City Sidewalks pulls you into the character's lives and histories, compels you to want to know more about them, to identify with them, and leaves you rooting for their happy ending. Beautifully done!" - Dagian Hill 
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