Saturday, March 15, 2014

Buried Treasures

Caroline moves to the house that was left to her by her Aunt after her husband is killed, she has a daughter name Callie. When she arrives there Matt, her neighbor, is there doing repairs and getting it ready for her. She is startled by him being there but then later becomes friends. She finds out later that Matt is also a widow. Matt nephew Paul is staying with him. He is fifteen and his mother is in rehab for drinking problem. Paul likes staying with his uncle since he teaches him things. Matt gets hurt and then Caroline gets scare of falling in love with him. She don't want to see him anymore. A very good book, I know my review is not giving it justice. I really love the story and you need to read it to find out why it is called buried treasures.

What others are saying: 
"From the beginning of the story, Ms. Manners has done it again. She pulled me right into the heart of her characters. The heartache, fear, and anxiety - the courage that Caroline shows as she faces the unknown echoes in the thunder around her. And the true moral fiber of Matt rings out in his determination to keep a promise he made - even though he made it to someone who has passed into the next life.The beauty of God's creation is all around them, gloriously displayed in Ms. Manners words. Every scene is so full, it's as if you're there. And as hard as Caroline and Matt try to hold themselves back, to keep their emotions at bay, God's guiding hand continues to lead them toward each other. This story is full of heartbreaking and heart stopping moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don't miss it." - Donna M. Basinow 

"From first to last this amazing story grips the reader and pulls them in. Widow and single mum Caroline inherits her aunts house in the country. Fleeing the memories of her husbands brutal murder, she very nearly brains her neighbor, Matt, as soon as she arrives. Matt, a widower, is also a surrogate single parent,bringing up his nephew Paul. Both bruised by the past, they have to learn to move on. This book is unputdownable as it's ;characters leap from the pages. Ms Manners conveys a rich depth of emotion on each page, going from laughter to tears to heart stopping moments almost effortlessly. Throughout the story, God's love is evident, as is His guiding hand on every situation. Not so much as each cloud having a silver lining, but finding the treasures that the clouds can bury, this story is a treasure in itself." _ Clare Revell 

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