Saturday, February 8, 2014

Merry Humbug Christmas Two tales of a Holiday Romance

                                              Merry Humbug Christmas by Sandra Bricker

Really enjoyed this book. Joss and Reese always went somewhere for Christmas to get away from the celebrations of Christmas but this year when Joss booked a Bah Humbug cruise Reese could not go due to getting engaged and going to meet his family ( which that is what the novel is about ). Joss went on the cruise by herself and then found it was cancel but she was put on a cruise called 12 days of Christmas fun cruise. She then meets her soulmate on the cruise. Reese and future husband go meet his family and to start out with went driving there it was snowing a lot and they was on a road that did not much traffic and no houses around, a deer ran in front of them, they ended up in a ditch and had to walk almost two miles to his place, everything went downhill from there for Reese. I could see this book as a movie on the hallmark channel.

Here is what some others thought about the book:
"While I usually do not like to even think about Christmas before Halloween, I could not pass up the opportunity to read Merry Humbug Christmas. Sandra Bricker gives us not one but two holiday tales to start off the holiday season. In her laugh out loud fashion Sandra shows us how romance and the power of Christmas will not be denied. Two friends Joss and Reese who usually spend Christmas together to avoid all of the classic Christmas festivities end up spending the holiday apart. Joss in her quest to avoid caroling and decked halls finds herself right in the middle of her own candy cane flavored nightmare. Thank goodness for the Irishman in the Christmas sweater. Reese is excited about spending the holiday with her fiancé and meeting his family. A run in with a deer starts things off on a bad note, but not all is lost, traditions and a birthday cake make help wrap up this heartwarming tale"- Melissa Dennis.

" Funny, witty and absolutely charming. The only disappointing part for me was turning the last page and not having any more to read. How could Joss non-Christmas event get anymore Christmassy then finding her bah humbug cruise had been canceled and she found herself on the twelve days of Christmas boat instead. Then in the second book Reese meets his family for the holidays and boy what she can't get herself into. I couldn't go to sleep until the last page was turned. I would recommend this book to all"- Donna

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