Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Amish Boyfriend

 Shannon thinks she is going to get a job during her summer break but finds out different after getting home from the last day of school. Her neighbor that helps take care of her mom that is sick due to a decease that makes her dizzy a lot tells her it has been arranged for her and her mom to go stay with her mom's family in Hochstetler to help care for her mom. She finds out that it is Amish country. She finds there is a lot of adjustments to make in living with the Amish. Shannon and her mother stay with her grandparents but after a few days Shannon goes to live with her uncle's family for she can have more room. The required her to dress like the Amish. She meets Ezra and they immediate like each other, unfortunately things don't work for them. Her mother gets worse, she take her to a dr there and finds out what is wrong with her. I love the way Shannon takes care of her mother.
"Melody Carlson has done it again! I can't say enough about this deft handling of the whole "Amish fiction thing". Carlson brings it! This is one of those YA/teen reads that is thoroughly satisfying for the adult reader as well. Jump right into caring about Shannon and her mother (whose mysterious ailment adds tension and conflict in surprising ways) who journey back to mom's Amish roots when they need care only a family can give.In no way idolizing the Amish, Carlson paints a fair portrait of a slice of Amish culture, practices, and problems. I won't tell too much, because I don't want to spoil your fun." - Susan Karsten
"I related to Shannon in this book in a way. I was the primary caretaker of my mom before she passed away of cancer in 2006. I had to do everything for her, even when we decided for her to go into the nursing home. I was still there 8 hours or better a day with her. I was younger, not as young as Shannon, but the feelings of being stuck. I certainly can relate. The author, Melody Carlson, really engages the reader. The writing is easy to read, it flows from chapter to chapter. Shannon learns some life lessons, falls in love with an Amish boy, and learns to interact with grandparents she did not know she had, let alone know that they were Amish. I love the book. I give this book 5/5 stars!" - Ginger

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