Thursday, June 26, 2014

Katie's Rescue

"Katie's father passes away that she had not seen for years and she sells his zoo to a animal park in Arizona. Luke Rittenhouse calls to come help with a sick panther and he thinks she is the only one that save it. In fact, he gives her no choice but to come. After getting she faints twice since been so long since she had been around the wild animals. While there they find a baby bear that had been hurt, she agreed to help with the bear and the panther. Also Katie had been taking care of her little sister since she was eighteen. The animal park is in danger of closing down. Katie helps think of ways to save to keep it open. She had left Janie her sister behind to go to school but Janie decided she no longer wants to go to school and joins Katie at the animal park. This is a very good book, loved it and it touch my heart because of the love of the animals in it."
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Scorpion Ridge, Arizona Book 1
"Katie Vincent has left her childhood behind, good riddance. After her father chose his performing animals over his daughters, after what happened to her sister Janie and after the nightmare of being sent to their aunt's home...she wanted nothing to do with the past. And then the phone call comes in, the man who bought her father's animals after his death wants her to come help with the panther. She has no choice but to go back and face her past.Luke Rittenhouse needs to make a go of the animal park, he promised his sister. He bought out Bob Vincent's trained animals in hopes of making more money, only now the main performer seems to be in a depression and dying. The old fellow who came with the Vincent animals claims Katie can help the big cat. Luke thinks that man might have been very wrong.What an excellent story. If you are an animal lover you will enjoy the animals antics and the people who love and care for them. Things don't always turn out perfect for the humans or animals...that's real life. I enjoy the authors books as they often take place in Arizona and I can connect with some areas that are mentioned. This is the beginning of a series with the unique group of people who work At Bridget's AZ Animal Adventure, where everyone deserves a chance. Book two will be out in May and is titled What Janie Saw."  by Jutzie

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