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The Valentine Verse blog tour and giveaway

About the Book

Author: JoAnn Durgin  
Genre: Contemporary Romance  
Release Date: May 5, 2017

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for February 14th anymore! Love should be celebrated every day of the year. That’s Thornton Fielding’s philosophy. In spite of a few false starts in the arena of love, he holds out hope he’ll eventually find the woman of his dreams. The problem? He loves his job, and there’s no end in sight to his travels. But when Thornton returns to his tiny hometown of Cherish, Minnesota, he meets a beautiful and intriguing woman he believes might be God’s answer to ending his bachelor status—permanently. Vara Alexandris is soured on love and scoffs at the notion of soul mates. But soon after meeting the handsome and unconventional Thornton, the speech and language pathologist suspects he might be the perfect ally to help jump-start her stroke patient’s recovery—if only Vara can keep Thornton grounded in Cherish long enough. This man who spouts romanticized and idealistic ideas about love seems all too eager to resume his world travels. Could it be Thornton actually prefers globetrotting in order to avoid a romantic relationship? Is it time for Vara to call the dreamer’s bluff? And can Thornton convince Vara to put past heartache behind her and trust in God’s plan for her heart? Join Thornton and Vara in USA Today bestselling author JoAnn Durgin’s latest release full of her trademark humor, romance, and lively, small-town characters in a story of God’s fierce passion and loving guidance for His children—if only they pay attention! The Valentine Verse is sure to warm your soul during any season of the year.
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About the Author

JoAnn Durgin is the USA Today bestselling author of the beloved Lewis Legacy Series as well as Prelude, the prequel to the series. Her other works include the Amazon bestselling Catching Serenity, Heart’s Design and its sequel, Gentle Like the Rain, The Wondrous Love Series, Echoes of Edinburgh, Perchance to Dream, Whisper to My Heart, Thee Will I Cherish, The Christmas Challenge, and the popular Starlight Christmas Series. A former estate administration paralegal, JoAnn now writes contemporary Christian romance full-time and lives with her family in her native southern Indiana. Writing Christian fiction is her passion, and she loves nothing more than sharing the hope to be found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Guest Post from JoAnn Durgin

A Little More about The Valentine Verse from Author JoAnn Durgin I adore writing and reading contemporary Christian romance, but I’ve noticed very few novels in the genre have an actual Valentine’s Day theme and/or title. Perhaps authors believe it would limit the “shelf life” of their book. The way I see it, if Christmas novels (and Hallmark Christmas movies) can be popular year-round, why not Valentine’s Day books? I’ve always been somewhat of a rebel in my writing career. Don’t tell me I can’t do something or I might just try it (within reason)! After a Christmas release last year followed closely by the eighth installment (500 pages!) of my longest-running series, I knew I couldn’t possibly release a Valentine’s Day book. That’s when one of the primary themes of The Valentine Verse “hit” me—Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be reserved only for February 14th. Expressing our love to one another should be celebrated throughout the year! This concept became the philosophy of the hero, Thornton Fielding, and the book released in early May. Let me tell you a little more about the idea for Thornton… I dedicated The Valentine Verse to my uncle, Mr. Thornton, and named my hero after him. My uncle was instrumental in my being able to quit my full-time paralegal job in mid-August 2014. Without going into specific details, there were three things that took place (“signs,” if you will) beginning earlier that same year, which seemed to clearly indicate I should try to make writing my full-time career. My debut novel released in late 2010, and the story of my road to publication can be found on my website at www.joanndurgin.com. By early 2014, my books were beginning to find faithful readers, and I was blessed with decent sales. The third and final “sign” and blessing came from Mr. Thornton. Truly, it was as if God were saying, “JoAnn, what more will it take for you to step out in faith?” I promised the Lord and myself that I’d take a year and see how it went…and I haven’t looked back since! I took the leap of faith, but I’m also doing what I feel the Lord has called me to do. Almost three years to the day of quitting my day job, I released my 24th novel. God is so good, and it is my great honor and privilege to write for His glory. Thank you to Celebrate Lit for the gracious opportunity for this blog tour. The Valentine Verse features fun characters (how can you miss with a small Minnesota town named Cherish?), heartwarming lessons, *sightings* of two of my most popular heroes from another series, and even a surprising twist at the end! I hope you’ll enjoy The Valentine Verse. Blessings, friends. JoAnn Matthew 5:16

My Review:

This is the 2nd time I read this book and I think i enjoyed it more. Of course, you don’t have to read if twice you can enjoy the first time too. Loved Thornton and how caring he was. Vara is a speech and language pathologist, she is making house calls to help Charlotte that had a stroke. The book was well researched on strokes and the different ways to help. This is a good book for anytime of the year, not just for Valentines. I loved what the Valentine verse was, I am not giving it away, read to find out. Love the inspirational part of the book. Charlotte is Thornton’s grandmother and has something troubling her besides the stroke, it is a mystery but another reason to read the book. A lot of fun secondary characters in the book at the coffee shop and then there was Rose that lived with Charlotte and was very protective of her and Thornton. At times I didn’t know what to think of Rose. 

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  1. What a lovely review! I hadn't thought of reading this book until now. It sounds uplifting for February!

    1. Thank you, Mardell (what a great name). :) Authors are always on the lookout for interesting and unique names. The Valentine Verse is certainly an uplifting book in several ways, and I hope you'll have the opportunity to read it. Blessings!

  2. this sounds like a good book. great review. I like that this book can be used in different areas of life and that it is small enough to carry anywhere.
    quilting dash lady at Comcast dot net

    1. Hi, Lori! Thanks for your comment, but I have to wonder if you're commenting on my book or another (in terms of being "small enough to carry anywhere"). At this point, The Valentine Verse is only on ebook, but it will eventually be in paperback. ?? In any case, thank you for your comment and have a blessed day!

  3. Thanks so much for the spotlight and the review, Janice! :) I didn't realize you'd read The Valentine Verse before, and I'm honored that you've read it a second time. I appreciate your support of Christian fiction and its authors. Blessings.

  4. Thank you so much for your great review on The Valentine Verse. I can't wait to read this book.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  5. this book looks like a good read, thank you

  6. I didn't realize this was only available in ebook format. Too bad, because I love to send my grandmother sweet books like this.

    1. Dianna, it will be available in paperback in the near future. :)


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